Local food on TV. As seen by comic John Bishop

Calling all would be TV stars.  We have received an email asking for volunteers to join the next series of John Bishop’s Britain.  I would love to get a bit of air time for BigBarn but am worried my comments will be taken out of context and end up looking stupid. Is any PR good PR?

If you would like good, or bad, PR please read on and if you get selected don’t forget to mention BigBarn!

Laura at Objective Products is looking for lots of different people, from all walks of life, from all over Britain to take part in the show. They want them to tell funny, interesting stories from their lives on various topics. This year topics are…food, hobbies/DIY, music/fashion/shopping, friends, regional Britain, magical moments and Christmas.

Please find below a couple of clips of the show from the first series to give you an idea of what it is like if you didn’t get to see. Due to John Bishop’s down to earth sense of comedy you’ll see that this show is a very inclusive and light hearted.

Part 1


Part 2


Each person is filmed in a location that represents them, either to do with what they are do as a job or as a hobby or to do with what they are talking about. So for example Objective would film a gardener in a veg patch, farmer in their field or a cheese monger behind their cheese counter or a policeman out on the beat etc.

If you have a good story call Laura on 0207 202 2343 or email LauraClark@objectiveproductions.com


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