E. coli on Cucumbers, more food scares to come?

It has been a long time since the last food scare but the current E. coli on cucumbers proves that food scares will be common in the modern food industry.

Why, because in today’s food industry foods become commodities as farmers try to meet the demands of the retailer. Farmers have to grow on a large scale and cut costs wherever possible. All the food scares in the past have this common cause.

We at BigBarn have been preaching this fact for years and helping producers sell direct to get a better price (if they sell to the supermarket they get about 9p in every £1 spent on food).

By getting a better price and communicating with local consumers production is more focused on what the consumer wants, ie flavour, than the supermarket’s demand for price and shelf life.

So to get much safer, fresher food, buy local and direct using the BigBarn map and ask questions about what you are buying. Most producers will proudly tell you about what they have grown.

Or to be really safe try growing your own, and if you have a surplus use our map to find a local retailer who is a Community Champion and will allow you to Crop For The Shop.


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