BigBarn Crowd Funding Opens Today

BigBarn Crowd funding went live today.  Please have a look by clicking here and we welcome your comments below.
Crowd funding is BigBarn’s way to raise funds to capitalise on success, as well as gain the buy-in of those on the BigBarn map and consumers wanting a local food industry to compete with the supermarkets.

The investment will be used to make improvements to BigBarn’s in house technology as well as raise awareness to products and services through marketing and PR.

Buy-in will be interesting. BigBarn is a CIC meaning fat cat salaries cannot be paid and profits have to be reinvested in the business and distributed to investors. Essentially BigBarn wants to build a Local Food industry that is owned by its communities of producers and consumers.

Surely a great ambition, so please click here to see more on investing or visit the BigBarn home page.

For more on BigBarn and crowd funding see this post. And we welcome your comments below.


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