32 year old jam; poison or delicacy?

My mother presented me with a jar of her home made plum jam found at the back of her larder. Like all good cooks she had labelled the jar when she made it but was shocked to see 1979.

As I tease her regularly about out of date foods in her fridge she thought it was a great present.

So today I opened it (under a towel incase it exploded) and when the lid gave without a hiss, and no bubbles appeared on the surface I took a sniff. Delicious! And what a flavour. If I was a wine taster on TV I might be able to describe it. Plums, full bodied, complete, wow!

This was an hour ago, and no stomach cramps yet. Will I survive? If I do I will be at the Oundle Food Festival tomorrow and offering a taste of 1979 Plum Jam to any will connoisseurs (as long as they have signed a disclaimer).

Any comments on the best shelf time for preserves, or ideas for my funeral, grave stone etc, welcome below.


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