32 year old Jam; not poisonous, but..

My mum’s 32 year old jam, described in a previous post, was delicious but strange.

It smelt and tasted sweet, fruity and fantastic, had no ‘fiz’ (symptom of going off) and still had chewy chunks of plum. Pretty amazing after all that time.

It even made me a bit high as though I had drunk something rather alcoholic. It also cleared up the cold and blocked sinuses I had, overnight, but made me rather constipated.

Not knowing how it would effect others I did not take the jam to the Oundle Food festival for general tasting and it is now in the fridge.

Perhaps someone could tell me what kind of beastie is now sitting quietly in the fridge. Is it just old jam, or a new type of fast acting anti-biotic. I say Anti-biotic because it cleared my cold and perhaps killed all the bacteria in my stomach causing the constipation?


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