Easy solution to stop the increased use of plastic bags

Why are successive governments so lazy about doing something about the use of 11 billion plastic bags. Or are they that naive to expect retailers to accept responsibility. Other European countries have sorted out the problem years ago.

With the increase again this year surely it is time to tax the lazy or stupid, and help reduce the deficit. And yes I include myself. I sometimes forget to store a few bags in the boot of my car and call myself a number of names, including the above. A tax would certainly help me remember.

I picked this story up from the radio this morning. “Plastic bag use has plunged since 2006, when the government, retailers and green campaigners spearheaded a push to cut down on the 11bn plastic carriers Britons used each year, most of which find their way into landfill or – much more damagingly – into waterways and the sea, where they are a hazard to marine life.

By 2009, bag use was down by about 40% to under 6.5bn” for the lazy or stupid.

“But last year, that downward trend was reversed. and more than 6.8bn were used, up about 5% on the previous year, according to the government’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap)”.Guardian

So don’t delay David, rush through a tax. Yes there will be some whinging but also some applause from people like me and Mrs Turtle.

And if you really want to do the right thing buy local seasonal food and save packaging, food miles and MONEY. Because supermarket are not cheap. Visit BigBarn and type in your post code to find your local food.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susie on July 29, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    As you say people occasionaly forget to take a bag, most shops charge for these now, so how is a ‘tax’ going to make you remember? Why don’t the shops keep the boxes for customer use?


    • Thanks Suzie, so far whenever I forget my bag I have not been charged. If I have to pay a tax for one it will certainly annoy me enough to remember next time. I agree boxes should be used unless the shops are recycling them efficiently.


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