Hugh’s Fish Fight continues, well done all.

If like me you were one of the 710,000 people who signed the Fish Fight petition, pat yourself on the back and watch the new episode.

According to Hugh; “The European Commission published their proposals for a new Common Fisheries Policy… and they included recommendations for a discard ban.

This would not have happened without the pressure of the Fish Fight. But it’s not over yet! These are just the proposals, it’s more important than ever that we keep up the pressure, and keep encouraging people to sign the petition.”

For more from Hugh click here

This proves that we consumers can cause change even to European bureaucrats and fishing miles off our coasts. SO when it comes to changing our habits from the supermarket to cheaper, fresher, better food locally, that should be easy.

Please spread the word and tell you friends about our local food map. The more food we buy locally, the more is produced and the cheaper it gets as economies of scale are reached.


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