Supermarket blindness

Why o why do people blindly support supermarket dominance. The more trade supermarkets get the more money they make and the more smaller high street shops they buy, and re-brand, slowly monopolising the retail trade. Once they have all the shops they will charge what they feel like, or do they already?

I say blindly because supermarkets are already more expensive than many local food retailers and farm shops. People just don’t believe it. “How can supermarkets be more expensive with all that buying power?”. They say.

Well I say; ‘watch out’. Things will get worse if we carry on down this road. We must buy local, where food it is fresher, cheaper and better for the community, AND we must spread the word. The more people buy the more farmers will be encouraged to grow a wider range of products.

This change really should not be hard work. It is simply a matter of getting organised to find local suppliers and cook what is in season, saving money in the process.

To find you local suppliers use our local food map or you can actually buy shares in BigBarn and help build a LOCAL food industry as an alternative to with supermarket.


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