Laboratory meat or factory farmed

Scientist predict that meat eaters will soon, either have to eat meat that has been factory farmed, or meat that has been grown from stem cells in the laboratory! The latter is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly. But YUCK.

This should never happen, but probably will if the food industry manages to keep consumers separated from food production as it has for the last 3 decades or more. How else could factory farming and terrible animal welfare be so common worldwide, and continue?

If people had to walk through a factory farm and abattoir to get to the meat section in a supermarket would they buy it? Or perhaps have legislation that forces supermarkets to display videos on the cheap-meat shelf showing how the animal was farmed?

Most people I speak to, especially kids, don’t want to hear about factory farming as it puts them off their food! Why are people so callous?

We must reconnect with local producers, see how are food has been produced and feedback on what we want. The great news is that very often by cutting out the long supply chain buying local is often cheaper. Non factory farmer meat may be a little more expensive but will be better, for you, the animal and the local economy.

To find you local producers click here or to invest in BigBarn and a new LOCAL food industry click here.

We welcome your feedback below.


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