Are we suckers for Shopping incentives?

I was told by a reliable source this morning that the ‘Computer for Schools’ scheme means that you would need to spend close to £500,000 in Tesco to get the equivalent of the high St price of one Apple computer. Are we suckers?

It might be nice to receive little ‘money’ type vouchers after spending money at Tesco, but incredibly annoying when considering the vouchers is probably worth less than the paper they are printed on and the cost of putting them in landfill or recycled. One huge marketing campaign with zero net gain.

Can anyone tell me the cost of the campaign compared to the value of the computers given to schools?

When you buy local food you will not be bamboozled with silly vouchers. You will however know that you are encouraging local growers to grow more and employ more people, all improving your community and the food available. You will also find that by avoiding these expensive marketing campaigns and long supply chain, that your fresh, seasonal, local food will often be cheaper.

So cut down on your supermarket habit and go local as much as possible using the BigBarn map.


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