Christmas present ideas

A very happy festive season from as all at BigBarn.  We now have 410 producers in the BigBarn MarketPlace with over 10,400 products, many with some great Christmas presents.  To see producers for each product simply click on the links or photos and buy, to collect, or get a delivery.  Or browse producers offering a discount using code BB1.
Free Range Turkey for the whole family.
Regional Hampers

Chocolates from artisan chocolatiers using real carefully selected ingredients for incredible flavour. Or for the real chocoholic try a chocolate making course.

Specialist coffees whole whole beans to grind fresh or special grinds for different uses.   Or for tea lovers, find some real tea not factory floor sweepings.

Chilli sauce some like it hot, a great present for real men.

Rape Seed Oil; buy it in 5l cans for cooking, salad dressing or bottle it with herbs or chilli to make chilli oil for pizza.

Cheese; Direct from the producer or expert, with a the story of why the product is so good.

Christmas cakes and puds made using special recipes and carefully selected ingredients.

Gluten Free bread and cakes

Real home cured bacon and ham (not the stuff injected with salty water)
Quality sausages Matured beef

Health and natural beauty; including soaps, creams, lotions, honey balms and remedies

Beers, ciders and English wine

Mutton; not from a 8 year old barren ewe but from a lamb that has been allowed to mature to give better texture and flavour

Haggis and black pudding direct from artisan butchers.

Marmalade, jams and chutneys; from people who carefully select their ingredients for real flavour.

Courses; from cookery, to chocolate, sausage, bread or cheese making, to foraging.

Or browse all those producers offering a discount with the BB1 discount code. Simply click the discount code page and click on any producer of interest, fill to your shopping basket to the require value then type in BB1 to get the discount.


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