Brilliant Best Before film; Raising awareness to the unsustainable food industry before it is too late

A big ‘Well done’ to the Best Before team for their great film about the food industry, and thank you for inviting me to the premier. I apologies to everyone attending for my lengthy question at the end, I was trying to raise awareness to BigBarn and how our mission to build a LOCAL food industry fitted so perfectly with the film.

The film is a fantastic way of raising awareness to the unsustainable food industry we now have, and how some people in London are building an alternative. We should all learn from this, tell our friends and start to change. Not a painful change, but an easy, and fulfilling one. See below.

Here is a trailer of the film;

To watch the whole film or organise a viewing you can click here.

BigBarn is here to help build a LOCAL food industry, with our Local food map, Crop for the Shop, and partners. To read more on how we can all make the positive change to local. A change where, in the long term, we save money and get better food. Click our April blog How we can build a local food Industry


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  1. Good for you – fortunately, there are some people in the food industry who know of the importance of sustainable food production and it is happening, albeit slowly.


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