The Men who made us FAT; Wake up everybody, switch to local food!!

If you didn’t watch this TV series this is great, and healthy, viewing. It may be painful, and cause a few family arguments, as you change what you buy for the kids, but could also save their lives!

We must stop our intake of corn syrup from fizzy drinks, ready meals, sauces and fast foods. It is difficult to resist all those adverts constantly telling us to buy all kinds of delicious looking foods, so we must be strong.

Then again, resisting, will result in a better, healthier, diet and make us feel better and live longer!

To help resist switch from the supermarket and all those tempting special offers on foods that will kill you. To buying local, fresh, seasonal foods, free from corn syrup and other additives.

Use our local food map and KIS (Keep it Simple) cookery video channel for ways to make fresh food in to delicious meals.


4 responses to this post.

  1. No one made us fat except ourselves – the biggest problem with this whole discussion on obesity is no one is making the argument for taking responsibility for yourself and what you eat.

    It doesn’t matter whether the food is local or not (that’s just an opportunistic marketing ploy) – its how much you eat and what you eat that matters. You can still be obese and eat local food – Farmers markets and Farm Shops still sell foods that if not eaten in moderation WILL make you fat.

    I agree buying local and supporting local producers is a much better, greener way forward, but I am a bit disappointed that you jumped on the obesity band wagon to sell your ideals.


    • Thanks for your comment Zoe, although I am certainly NOT jumping on the ‘obesity band wagon’. I am trying to point out the dangers of corn syrup and the importance of eating a healthier diet.

      This is a great deal easier if the all the temptations of supermarket special offers are avoided and replaced by fresh seasonal ingredients.


  2. There was an ad for Tango fizzy drinks which had a tagline “because you are weak!” which illustrated the problem for me. Zoe is right. In fact, I’d go further. We are locked in. I say “we”, although actually I am not like that. But whatever most people do will have an impact on me, so I might as well include myself. We are weak. We can’t cope with climate change. And we can’t cope with corn syrup either. It will take decades to change the mentality. Sorry to be a pessimistic neg-head.


  3. Thanks, if the weak can’t resist it will cost the tax payer a great deal of money. So perhaps we should have legislation to cut the use of corn syrup, reduce sugar and salt levels, ban advertising bad foods.


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