Delicious food for your Valentine

Chocolate Heart from Cocoadance

Chocolate Heart from Cocoadance

How about a delicious treat for your Valentine? Food and drink is a primal need so what better way to reach your valentine’s heart?

At BigBarn we have some great ideas food and presents to beat those last minute gifts from the local garage.

To start with something basic. Ladies, your man will pander to your every whim for weeks if you cook him a delicious, locally-produced, well hung, juicy, steak.

We recommend you look at the BigBarn map to find your local farmer or butcher and ask questions so you can tell your man the story of his meal. Please note that a local sirloin steak will probably be cheaper, and better, than a supermarket fillet steak.

And you men, forget the sweetie shelf at the local garage, or crappy flowers from the supermarket. Give your lovely lady some hand made, high cocoa, aphrodisiac rich, hand made, chocolates.

Simply visit the BigBarn map or MarketPlace to find, and buy, the best local steak or chose from a huge range of chocolate.

Please comment below if you have a heart winning recipe or story.


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