Asparagus now in season, at last!

Has spring finally sprung now Asparagus are appearing? What better way to celebrate the change of the season with fresh, delicious, healthy, local, or home grown, asparagus.

Asparagus is best eaten within 2 hours from picking. The longer you leave it the more the natural sugars turn to starch and the base becomes stringy and inedible. So now is the time to find your local Asparagus grower and gorge yourself on really fresh shoots, or buy crowns and create your own asparagus bed for a crop in 2 years. You could even make money by selling your excess through local shops via our Crop for the Shop initiative. For Monty Don video on this click here.

If like me you are lucky enough to have an Asparagus bed you will cutting selected tips already, 4 weeks later than last year.  I planted my beds 3 years ago and can only pick until the 1st June (next year mid June).  They are delicious and incredibly sweet and tender if picked and cooked straight away.

I will be filling in any gaps this year with new crowns and hoping to try out some new recipes so that we can gorge on the crop and not get bored of such a healthy vegetable.

To find your local grower click here, to buy online click here, for Asparagus crowns click here and for recipes click here and type ‘Asparagus’ in the search box.


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  1. Posted by Ricardo on May 2, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    How can I find out all the places on the Big Barn map that sells Asparagus? I would love to buy some freshly harvested stuff from my local area!


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