Prince Charles attack on Food Industry

imagesIt was great to see a number of newspapers report on Prince Charles’ attack on the food industry. Backing up what we at BigBarn (Social Enterprise), have been saying for years. So here is our take on what is wrong with the anti-social, food industry, why local is better, and how we are going to build a better, more social, local, food industry.

The Prince sent us a letter of encouragement 7 years ago and I hope he has watched our progress and, perhaps, read a few BigBarn blogs for inspiration! It is fantastic that in a position of power he gives his unbiased opinion on food and farming, and raises awareness as the media report.

There is little doubt that something is wrong with the food industry, with; obesity, continuing food scares, and farmers, on average, only getting 9p in every £1 spent on food in a supermarket.

So here are some BigBarn blogs on this subject. Including; what is wrong, why local is better and how to encourage people to change, and divert as much of the £120billion spent with supermarkets, to local communities, with massive social benefit:


Blogs on what is wrong:

Shocked to see horse meat in ready meals?

Will middlemen destroy the food Industry?

Misleading Food Advertising

Blogs on why local food is better

Really Fresh, healthy, Asparagus

Growing & eating local food to enthuse kids and get them healthy

BigBarn About us video

Family Farm Shop

Family Farm Shop

Blogs on how we can change

Getting people enthused about cooking

BigBarn on Radio 4 & our strategy for change

In Summary: Big business and retailers have disconnected consumers from producers and many people have become semi addicted to the simple, one stop shop. Unfortunately this has led to farmers getting a very low price and consumers buying the wrong foods at high prices.

Luckily local food suppliers are offering a better alternative with cheaper, fresher, food, and knowledge. BigBarn is here to raise awareness to local food and encourage more people to break their one stop shop addiction and buy from, and communicate with, their local suppliers.

We live in a green and pleasant land perfect for growing food. Let’s switch to local and help build a more sustainable, social, food industry.


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