Ant from BigBarn on the radio; listen again

The Sausage King Stephen Plume

The Sausage King Stephen Plume

Ant was on the radio last night for the Foodie Fix on Radio Castle with the Sausage King and local food evangelist Stephen Plume. With a mix of great music and animated chat about BigBarn and local food you can listen again here

The programme begins with the BigBarn grace, for those listeners siting down for a family dinner, and moves through why BigBarn started, the early years with superhero Carrot man. And BigBarn’s mission to build a local food industry to divert as much as possible of the £120b spent with supermarkets to food producers, independent retailers and local communities with massive social benefits for all.

The early years; Carrot Man

The early years; Carrot Man

Stephen is a fantastic host drawing out the passion behind BigBarn and why Ant has made the business a Community Interest Company so that the core values of the business must remain in place in the interest of all stakeholders (farmers, consumers, retailers) and not investors or fat cat management.

So enjoy the show, the wonders of modern technology mean you can click on the link and listen while cooking up a feast for the family. Please join the local food industry, you can even register for local update here, tell your friends and CELEBRATE the seasons with fresh local food, not the plastic packed ‘old’ food on the supermarket shelf. A message Ant thought he may have left out!

The more local food we buy direct the more local producers will produce. So increasing the range available, and reducing the price, as economies of scale are reached. Exciting times!


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