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Ant from BigBarn on the radio; listen again

The Sausage King Stephen Plume

The Sausage King Stephen Plume

Ant was on the radio last night for the Foodie Fix on Radio Castle with the Sausage King and local food evangelist Stephen Plume. With a mix of great music and animated chat about BigBarn and local food you can listen again here

The programme begins with the BigBarn grace, for those listeners siting down for a family dinner, and moves through why BigBarn started, the early years with superhero Carrot man. And BigBarn’s mission to build a local food industry to divert as much as possible of the £120b spent with supermarkets to food producers, independent retailers and local communities with massive social benefits for all.

The early years; Carrot Man

The early years; Carrot Man

Stephen is a fantastic host drawing out the passion behind BigBarn and why Ant has made the business a Community Interest Company so that the core values of the business must remain in place in the interest of all stakeholders (farmers, consumers, retailers) and not investors or fat cat management.

So enjoy the show, the wonders of modern technology mean you can click on the link and listen while cooking up a feast for the family. Please join the local food industry, you can even register for local update here, tell your friends and CELEBRATE the seasons with fresh local food, not the plastic packed ‘old’ food on the supermarket shelf. A message Ant thought he may have left out!

The more local food we buy direct the more local producers will produce. So increasing the range available, and reducing the price, as economies of scale are reached. Exciting times!


Do we want a LOCAL Food Industry?

Do we want to see milk cheaper than water in some shops? Do we want to see more factory farming with cows, pigs, and chickens reared in appalling conditions. But find out that the farmer is only paid about 10% of the retail price, and that this retail price is NOT cheap?

Or do we want to buy from the producer or local retailer, find out about how our food has been produced. And pay a fair price that gives the producer an incentive to grow a wider variety of food?

My last blog showed that even if we all demanded ‘British’, farmers would not benefit, just give supermarkets the chance to increase profit.

And the blog before about how we were raising money to build, and enable, a LOCAL food industry to give consumers a better, alternative to the supermarket, with huge Social gains.

Despite 500 readers only 2 people have invested £100. Is this because people don’t believe local food is better and cheaper? That no one can beat the supermarkets? That despite our Social Enterprise and CIC status we are not to be trusted with your money? I welcome your comments below.

If you would like to see a 45 second pitch about BigBarn to investors at a Social Enterprise conference last week click here

And to join our webinar next Wednesday at 6.30pm to see an update on BigBarn and a question an answer question with me click here

BigBarn gets bigger with Crowd Funding

What better way to achieve BigBarn’s mission to build a new LOCAL food industry than to invite all to put their money where their mouths are, and invest.

80% of people say they want local food and are fed up with reading about the National Food Industry. Where farmers only get, on average, 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarket, where this lack of income causes food scares through cost cutting, and huge factory farms are planned decreasing animal welfare.

Most people want to see a viable alternative and is why BigBarn exists. After trading for 10 years BigBarn has built the tools, database, knowledge and partners, to grow local supply chains where they already exist or build them everywhere else. A supply chain where farmers get a fair price, food is grown for flavour, not shelf life, animal welfare is obvious and local people are even encouraged to Crop for the Shop.

The more demand the more supply and the cheaper the food will get.

BigBarn is already a Community Interest Company and is offering its community’s of producers and consumers, in other words, everyone, the opportunity to buy shares in the business and share in its current, and future, success.

Crowd funding means that anyone can invest, from £30 to £30,000+, and get shares and a number of extra benefits. The money raised will be used to expand on BigBarn’s long list of products and services to catalyse the growth of local food trade throughout the UK.

By investing shareholders will be encouraged to shop locally, helping build their local supply chain and know that the more they shop and tell their friends, and the more their shares and dividends will be worth.

Wow, could it really be this easy? YES, if we act! For more on this WIN WIN opportunity email to get on the share offer register or subscribe to BigBarn’s free post code specific newsletter.