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Mislabeled meat in Tesco, Jamie’s brisket. Where to buy real meat?

Pressure to cut costs

Pressure to cut costs

Tesco sells dutch pork labelled as British-reared. Horse meat still in the supply chain. Jamie Oliver shows consumers how to save money by buying brisket, then directs them to the supermarket on this website. COME ON, we must switch to shorter, local, supply chains and the local butcher or farmer for meat!

A previous blog on horse meat predicted another food scare due to the long food supply chain and cost cutting. Mislabelled pork will not kill anyone, so not really a scare, but an great example, and I am sure that we have not seen the last of this. Apparently large caterers are still finding traces of horse meat in what they buy and my worry is that the authorities are not that worried about foods, like dutch pork or horse meat that do not harm us.

BigBarn local food map

BigBarn local food map

Or perhaps they are very worried, as they realise very little can be done and the next food scare is going to be bacterial infected meat that pops up everywhere?

So for so many reasons we need to buy locally wherever possible, and help build local, honest, and transparent, food supply chains. Where you can see, or ask, where your food comes from and trust the supplier knowing he sees you as a valuable customer and advocate. And that any lie will soon be found out and reputation ruined. The more we buy the more local production and greater diversity of foods available.

Your friendly local butcher

Your friendly local butcher

As for Jamie, we have already sent lots of emails to his team asking for links to the BigBarn local food map to help more people find the best brisket, the story behind the meat and tips on preparation.

And PLEASE don’t be frightened of your local butcher, they will would be mad to tease you in front of other customers if you don’t know the difference between ribeye and rump, or brisket and topside. You local butcher needs your custom and will look after your needs to try and make you a regular customer.


Farmer’s fury at Tesco lamb mince label

This headline so soon after the Horse meat scandal shows how the supermarkets have become complacent. Are consumers really that addicted to supermarket shopping?

They promised fair labeling but are already mixing UK lamb mince with New Zealand to add value in the eyes of the consumer. Will it add value and surely their excuse of needing to ‘maintain availability’ is rubbish, they could easily have UK & New Zealand Lamb Mince on the shelf?

Complacency is a very dangerous word and often spells the end of an era for a successful business. I really hope this is the case as I am sure we would all be much better off without supermarkets.

Much better using your local alternative, of butchers, bakers, farm shops, dairies and delis. To find them use our BigBarn local food map. Watch out for ‘£’ signs meaning cheaper than the supermarket, or a rosette meaning you can ‘Crop for the Shop’and help build your local, more sustainable, food industry.