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How you can help build a new LOCAL food industry

We need a LOCAL food industry to replace the anti-social national food industry where supermarkets are charging consumers too much for food, but giving farmers too little to stay in business.

A local food industry will reconnect producer with consumer and encourage trade and communication. More people will eat seasonal produce and in so doing encourage further production. By cutting out the middle men and supply chain, food becomes cheaper and all the revenue stays in the local economy.

Much better than the average 9p currently going to farmers for every £1 spent on food in the supermarket.

If you would like to help build your local food industry we have the tools and welcome your support.

BigBarn was set up 12 years ago with the mission to get people out the supermarket and build a local food industry.

We are a Community Interest Company, effectively owned by the Community of businesses on our map and the Community of consumers visiting our content. You.

To build a LOCAL Food Industry our strategy is to;

1. To have the definitive database of local producers and independent retailers
2. Give them all passwords to update their details regularly
3. Display them on post code specific maps and get the map and data on as many other websites as possible
4. Provide an e-commerse facility so each can set up an online shop and be within an Amazon type local food MarketPlace
5. Provide a long list of benefits and discounts on products and services to make each business more competitive
6. Set up initiatives like ‘Cheaper than the Supermarket’, ‘Crop for the Shop’, & ‘KIS Cookery‘ to encourage consumers to switch to local and get enthused about cooking.

So far we have 7,000 producer/retailer icons on our map, all with a password to update their page including; video, photos, online shop, etc.

We have 21,000 consumers receiving our postcode specific newsletter, and 440 producers in our online MarketPlace.

We also have around 90 other websites hosting our map and MarketPlace.

To see a partner website click here.

If you would like to help you can;
1. Type your post code in here and tell us if there are any errors or omissions on your local food map
2. Register for our free emailed newsletter to be kept up to date on national and local food news, including special offers added by your local producers/retailers.
3. If your local producer/retailers have not added a video, online shop, joined Crop for the Shop, or got a proper description. please tell them to call us on 01480 890 970 or about these benefits of joining up
4. Perhaps offer to do a quick video for your local producer/retailer
5. Try out our online MarketPlace where 450 icons have added 10,000+ products (you can use discount code BB1 on this page)
6. Add a recipe video to our KIS (Keep it Simple) video Cookery channel to help more people cook, you could even be discovered and become the next famous chef!
7. Start growing your own and sell any excess via your local Crop for the Shop outlet. If there isn’t one on your local map ask your local shop or post office to set up a table and print off our poster. They are then eligible to join BigBarn. (This concept has been a life saver for some small shops increasing their stock and becoming the centre of the community)
8. If you know any websites that would like to have our map, MarketPlace and KIS Cookery and earn through our affiliate scheme, please tell them to call us.
9. If you believe in what we are doing and would like to help financially you can donate here or call us about buying some shares.
9. Please TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! We can make this happen.

As usual we welcome your feedback below, and would like to know if a loyalty scheme would encourage you do any of the above?


Video, the way to build a new LOCAL food industry? And win a box of Pipers Crisps!

A survey, 10 years ago, showed that 80% of people said they wanted to buy local food, but only 20% were actually buy it. What will make more people switch? Perhaps video, where you can get the story of the food, see the shop and how friendly and enthusiastic the producer is.

So please make a video of your local producer/retailer and enter our prize draw to win a box of Pipes Crisps.

We set up BigBarn to help more people find local food and after 10 years the statistic above has increased from 20% of people buying local food to 25%.

This is a huge increase in terms of the food industry’s £120b turnover and can make a real impact to increasing agricultural diversity and improving local economies. At the same time small farmers are becoming viable perhaps saving us from the current trend towards factory farming.

25% of 80% it is still a very small proportion however and I often wonder how we could encourage more people to make the switch. As price, quality and accountability are important drivers, video is a great way to get people to try their local producers and retailers and get the ‘story’ behind the food.

Especially as making video is now so easy. A ‘one take’ video from a camera or even phone, loaded up to You Tube then set up as a link from a website or BigBarn icon. Adding ‘tags’ at You Tube will also increase SEO.

So this is our latest competition for a box of Pipers crisps. Make a video of your local producer, or retailer, on BigBarn, add it to You Tube, (with the permission of the person you have filmed of course), and email the link to us, including the name of the retailer. I have included one a I made below, as an example.

We will then add the video as a link on the map and enter you in the bi-monthly prize draw.

New “about us” Video for BigBarn

To help users understand why BigBarn is so passionate about building a LOCAL Food Industry we have built a short video.

For more on investing in BigBarn with our Crowd Funding initiative click here.

We welcome your feedback and hope you will recommend this video, and buying local food, to as many contacts as possible.